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I may be a day late...

Hello all. Yesterday was supposed to be a huge day for us... well for me. Yesterday both my daughter Kendell and Karens birthday. My daughter would have been 27. Karen just turned 8 years old. There is a lot in those two sentences for me. And as I prepared for this I found out very quickly that I was not as adept in creating websites as I thought I was. So, like many other times in life I gave up and went to bed.

This morning i woke up early as I usually do now. I got up and spent a few moments with my Dog Sheamus who is recovering from cancer treatment. Then I sent a few funnies to my Fam as my father is recovering from surgery. I dropped of my Son at another family members home to have some face time with them as well. On the way back I began to weep. I knew I was emotional, but this was different. I was not in a panic... I was NOT having a panic attack. I was just crying.

I avoided my family at home as they left for service, and I let my Dogs out... I couldnt stop. i just wept. My life is changing... my life is going into a new season and I am not ready for it. So I say there and my dogs began to love on me like they do. And then shine FM did what they always do... they played what i needed to hear at the time i needed to hear it.

Carry the World by Meredith Andrews came on...

and I will say i have never heard it before. I suddenly felt a rush to get my laptop out and begin to work. I have been on this device for the last 2 hours plus putting all of this together. All of the pages I was having problems with suddenly made sense. They fell into place, the photos uploaded first time, the words came to me. Then I began to type... a new page. one i didnt know i needed. after this i sat there and looked at what i had just done. What God had just done ... because I was not doing any of this. Thru my tears he gave this to me as a comfort. This was not my doing... Not me... HE brought this too me and I am SO listening. With that being said, today I am releasing this site.

I am putting it up because I promised i would. because this is what the Lord has asked me to do and I am doing it his way not mine. it isnt perfection... it is progress. Happy birthday to you both ladies.... MiaH if for you both. Thank you Lord for all of the gifts you have given to us... Praise you and Praise your name...

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