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Matt in a Hat

Doing what I can to serve the Lord everyday with the gifts He gave me....


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Hello There

Welcome ! Thank you so much for stopping by. These two little ladies are Karen and Karla. Mom is also in this photo. They live in Mexico, and God has brought them to me to sponsor. But that little amount each month was not enough for me. Thats why I am here in service or our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to use my skills and gifts to create so that my art can help these sisters. If you would like to know more about Matt in a Hat ( MiaH ) and not just what we do but why we are doing it, then please check on the "About MiaH" tab. If you would just like to explore the shop and our items we give out for minimum donations, then plese chick that "shop" tab. Thank again for stoppin by, and my God bless you all!!

Custom religious gifts

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