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About Matt In A Hat

Hello there,

I never really know what to put on here so Im going to kinda just go with the flow. My name is Matt (also known as ONyX from ONyXWiNGs ARt, and I am trying to do Gods work in service with the talents He has given me while wearing a hat. Plain and simple, I'm am artist that had lost his purpose after a losing so much for so long. In 2015 the loss of my special needs daughter pretty much brought life to a complete halt. I fell away from the world as a whole, and looked for anything to help me out of the darkness. After that difficult time I realized I was no longer gaining joy from creating anything in any Medium. For years in the dark times, art had been what got me through it all. When I was upset I would paint. When I was angry, i would paint. When the day was just not worth waking up too and all i wanted to do was cry; i would paint. Then another other changes would come to pass. Soon the entire life i knew would be gone forever. I would be alone with just my son and myself... during COVID. That's when I began to realize that feeling. I struggled to get up and start creating again. I found no interest, no passion in any of it. I would make plans and set up for so many different projects. Only to find myself fighting to work on the canvas or finish the work. It was more than just a rut, I had no purpose, no passion, no direction, just nothing that emotionally to drive me to create like it had before. I was completely... lost. 

My life needed to change, and I had begun to find I different path to walk through. My self pity was done, and I needed to stand back up. So I did what everyone does to solve things. I began healthier living, and a better path of living to find my best self. This was a amazing first step, but even that began to wear into me as my age began to take over my activities. Injuries and constant pain began to linger and I found myself again broken and without purpose.

That is basically when it all happened. 

  I had begun to reluctantly attend services at a local Church per the request of my then Girl friend, unaware of what God was doing for me. After months of going, I began to see things change in my life but in many ways I still fought my path. Change on certain things I had asked for help to be resolved were starting to fall into place. The problem was that was not how I wanted them, so I again began to struggle inside. It wasnt until I finally broke down my walls and fell to my knees. I prayed like I had before when I could no longer see the light, but this time it was different. I began to see the gifts that i had in my hands the entire time and didnt even realize it. It was time to set down my ego because i knew now I needed to do more. I couldnt just sit there while so many around me found their service. I had to find my path.

Our Pastor had an amazing sermon on service shortly afterwards. This was on serving God in not just serving others, but being in service for the Lord in all we do. All we do? What do i do? Who am I ? What could i possibly give? The following weeks left me in a tizzy as I sat in worship often times fighting back tears begging, pleading, just to know what service I needed to be in to serve my God. What was my path, what was my.... purpose? 

You know I noticed something. Just when you feel you aren't being answered, God fills you with exactly what you need when you need it. You just need to go of the world and get out of your own way to follow the path.

Isaiah 6:8 I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?

Then I said "Here I am Lord, send me!!

With this new thought in my mind and new found belief in my heart, I began to pray for God's guidance. To show me what God truly wanted me to do and be, not just the plans I had in my mind for myself. I had gone to a concert where Casting Crowns performed to help unwind before the holidays in 2022. I have no direct relation to them at all, I just think they are a pretty amazing Band and l enjoy listening to Mark Halls when he speaks. At the last show I saw them at in 2022, he made a statement of using your talents God gave you to honor Him. To honor him with what whatever gifts he has given you to the fullest. Then like a voice sitting right next to me I heard someone say, "Matthew here it is, here I am, just create." That night I went home and shortly after began looking for a child to sponsor with Compassion International.

That night was the first step with the addition of two new little faces in my life. I felt a rush of God's spirit telling me what I needed to do. I very soon after followed the calling from those shows to start with a financial portion and sponsor a child. That is when I would find Karla and Karen. Karla was Born on my daughters birthday, on the year Kendell passed away. But that was just the start because there were two young girls... Karen was Karlas little sister not even 2 years old. Kendell had sisters and brothers that loved her and that she loved wholeheartedly. There was no way I was not taking the sister with also. They live in Mexico, and are 7 and now 2 years old. I will continue to support them both with my monthly donations. But that wasn't nearly enough.... 

My artwork for ONyXWiNGs ARt was always about honoring my daughter Kendell. And that will be a whole different story. Here though, at Matt in the Hat I will create whatever I can with what God has given to me and donate my earning to this family. And if it becomes more than the limit I can give for the family, I will give to their community. But unlike many of the companies I am doing something completely different. I will be keeping a small portion for of what comes in for supplies and fees for any shows I attend. All that is left of All that i take in will go directly to these young girls and their family. My work will have a lot of Scripture and spiritual aspects to it, while also keeping true to my artist nature to bounce from medium to medium and subject to subject. But everything created and sold will be going to them, and not my pockets. I will create to spread Gods Love thru his works and with Compassion. Spreading his word whenever I can to all who will listen (and hopefully some who dont). Thank you God for your wisdom and path to use what you have graciously given to me to do your works. 

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