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The Lord Moves in Mysterious ways.

This was the face that have given me a new purpose to use my gifts to praise our God. I explained so much when setting up the about page, there was not much let to write. But then I got a couple of envelopes a few weeks ago that really made me smile. I opened the letter and the first one was written by someone who wrote for Karla's two year old sister. I was able to help provide.... sorry WE were all able to provide for both of these little ladies.

Then I realized that I may have her first letter. I anxiously tore the envelope open and there she was! I had written letter that was translated next to it for me. I understood most of what she said and I was smiling ear to ear to read each of those words. Then Karla wrote about her Grandfather, and that he was not feeling well. She was very worried about him. After hearing those words I looked at the next level of the donation process. The next level to help the Girls is to directly help their family. This level is now my goal. I am hoping that means her Grandfather as well. I pray that the Lord will give your and your family comfort and love during these times where we worry and times are difficult. He loves you Karla and Karen. God loves you so very very much.

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